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Life Insurance can be very complicated. We keep it simple. Know your affordable life insurance options in minutes.

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Trust Life & Investments provides Canadians with the right amount of Insurance coverage. Life Insurance can be very complicated. We keep it simple.

Most of us purchase life insurance to ensure the financial security and well-being of our loved ones. Because we all know that no matter what happens to us, life must go on.

Choosing the right type and amount of life insurance needed can be a challenge. Following a needs assessment we will be able to choose from the various types of insurance that best suit your needs.

Types Of Life Insurance Products Available

Types of Insurance

  • Term Life Insurance

    Term Life Insurance Term life insurance or term assurance is life insurance that provides coverage at a fixed rate of payments for a limited period of time, the relevant term. After that period expires, coverage at the previous rate of premiums is no longer guaranteed and the client must either forgo coverage or potentially obtain […]

  • Permanent Insurance

    Permanent Insurance When it comes to choosing life insurance there are many reasons why people choose Permanent Insurance.  Permanent Insurance which is sometimes also referred to as “whole life insurance” provides it’s policy holders lifetime coverage. An added benefit of Permanent Insurance is that is has the potential of earning cash value over a period of time. […]

  • Universal Life Insurance

    Universal Life Insurance Universal life insurance (often shortened to UL) is a type of permanent life insurance. UL protection is for lifelong peace of mind with a broad range of investment account options for tax-preferred savings growth. How Does It Work? Flexible premium, adjustable benefits, current interest rate applied Combines term insurance and savings account. Both […]

  • Whole Life Insurance

    Whole Life Insurance Whole Life Insurance is also sometimes referred to as “straight life” or “ordinary life”. This type of life insurance policy is guaranteed to remain in force for the insured’s entire lifetime, provided required premiums are paid, or to the maturity date. This particular type of insurance has both investment and insurance components. […]

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