Universal Life Insurance

Lifelong protection for complete peace of mind along with tax-saving growth on your investment with our Universal Life Insurance plans. Know your options.

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Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance (often shortened to UL) is a type of permanent life insurance. UL protection is for lifelong peace of mind with a broad range of investment account options for tax-preferred savings growth.

How Does It Work?

  • Flexible premium, adjustable benefits, current interest rate applied
  • Combines term insurance and savings account.
  • Both are paid out at death.
  • Premiums can be increased or decreased, skipped or stopped provided there is enough value to maintain the cost of insurance
  • From the premium a deduction is made for expenses and cost of insurance. The balance is invested for the policyowner
  • Came to Canada in 1981-2 during a peak interest rate period
  • Buyers wanted better returns and an “unbundled” product
  • Unbundling the product leads to flexibility of coverage, deposits, investments
  • Changes to taxation effective Dec. 1, 1982 made UL more attractive

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