Living Benefits

Insurance policies ideal for survivors facing issues due to aging, illness, accidents and dependency. Know your options.

Know Your Options

What is Living Benefit Insurance?

Living benefit plans are insurance policies that provide financial benefits to survivors who face issues due to aging, illness, accidents and dependency.

The 3 following most popular types of Living Benefits

Types of Insurance

  • Critical Illness

    Why Do You Need Critical Illness Insurance? No matter your situation (single parent, family, independent business owner, contract worker without benefits, etc) a serious illness could dramatically change both your life and your family’s life. The many critical Illness plans we carry may be the answer to your worries. It offers you vital coverage for […]

  • Disability Income Protection

    Why do you need Disability Insurance? If you become disabled, your ability to earn income may be compromised, and your ability to pay bills or save for retirement may decline. Our disability insurance plans are designed to help you meet your income requirements so you can concentrate on recovering from your disability and returning to […]

  • Long Term Care

    Why do you need Long Term Care? Long Term Care Insurance give you the choice and control when you become dependent on others for care. We can help you manage the risk of losing your independence due to an unexpected illness, chronic condition or dementia by transferring the risk to long term care insurance. It […]

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