TrustLife Group Benefits

We believe in the rewards of employee health group benefits

It’s why we provide health group benefits coverage to more than 3 million Canadian employees and their families – that’s 1 in 6 Canadians.

We partner with you to build lasting relationships for today and tomorrow that will:

  • Help manage your plan costs – by delivering relevant products and services that maximize your investments through wellness, disability and pharmaceutical benefits management.
  • Have your employees thank you – with benefits and wellness solutions that provide a fast, clear and easy member experience, encourage healthy choices and protect against unexpected health events.
  • Make your job easier and more rewarding – our experienced team, innovative technology and flexible plan design adapt to the needs of your organization.

It all starts with our belief in the rewards of employee health – and as Canada’s leading provider of group benefits*, we have the innovative programs to make it happen.

Let TrustLife customize the perfect plan for your employees.

Dental Care

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Medical Equipment

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Vision Care

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Drug Coverage

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Hospital Care

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Paramedical Services

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