Critical Illness

Insurance plans helping to pay the costs associated with surviving a life-altering illness. Get a stand-alone plan or add as a rider to your existing life insurance policy.

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Why Do You Need Critical Illness Insurance?

No matter your situation (single parent, family, independent business owner, contract worker without benefits, etc) a serious illness could dramatically change both your life and your family’s life.

The many critical Illness plans we carry may be the answer to your worries. It offers you vital coverage for your financial health; therefore, you can focus on your personal health. Upon diagnosis of a critical illness, it pays a lump sum to the insured patients who survive.

What is Critical Illness?

Critical Illness Insurance pays a lump sum Benefit upon diagnosis of a covered condition, such as, heart attack, cancer and stroke. Critical illness insurance first emerged in South Africa in 1983 and was known as dread disease insurance.

Dr. Marius Barnard Founder of Critical Illness Insurance, the brother of the late world-renown South African heart transplant surgeon, Dr. Christian Barnard

How does Critical Illness Work?

There is a 30 day survival period. If you are alive on the 31st day after diagnosis or surgery, then the benefit becomes payable.

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