Why do you need Long Term Care?

Long Term Care Insurance give you the choice and control when you become dependent on others for care.

We can help you manage the risk of losing your independence due to an unexpected illness, chronic condition or dementia by transferring the risk to long term care insurance. It provides a comprehensive income-style benefit when you’re dependent.

Long Term Care
  • You’re concerned your retirement income might not last for your lifetime if your health deteriorates and government programs are insufficient to meet your needs
  • You want the financial resources to help you choose the type and level of care that’s right for you if you have an accident or need substantial care later in life as you age
  • You want to protect your wealth and legacy from being eroded by the cost of care
  • Bring care into your home so that you do not need to downsize or move to a facility right away.
  • Lessen the burden on care-givers and support your family financially if you are going to live with them if you need care.
  • Manage your care and expenses if you have an unexpected severe accident, at any age, that results in your needing substantial assistance from a family member or care-giver.