Why Life Insurance can be the perfect gift for Christmas

/ Life Insurance / Dec 15, 2021

It is Christmas – the merry time of the season! For many of us, the gifts we buy and receive during this season adds to the excitement of Christmas.

Most people expect conventional gifts like clothing, electronic gadgets, toys, jewellery, home décor items, etc. Why don’t you think out of the box and give something else to your near and dear ones? How about a life insurance policy?

Here’s why our advisors think life insurance can be the perfect gift for Christmas.

  1. Life Insurance secures the life of your kids

While children love shiny new toys and gadgets, they seldom carry any cash value when they grow up. We can understand the emotion attached to these toys but sometimes, it pays more to have a whole life insurance policy in place rather than these toys.

A whole life plan would have accumulated a lot of cash value for your kids when they grow up. Plus, getting a policy in place while your kids are young ensures that they pay affordable premiums for life.

  1. Life Insurance provides complete peace of mind to your loved ones

The very gift of life insurance provides peace of mind to your near and dear ones knowing there’s a certain level of financial security in place in case something happens down the line.

That jacket you gave as a gift last Christmas won’t be able to do that.

  1. With life insurance, you are protecting yourself as well as your family

It’s not all about your family; it’s about you as well.

Can’t think of what to get for yourself this Christmas? A life insurance plan can be the answer. You simply cannot go wrong when purchasing a life insurance plan for yourself, especially if you are planning to buy a new house or are newlywed or even welcoming a baby.

Life insurance is the way for you to plan for the future and preparing for the worst. It is a gift for everyone in the family, including yourself.

  1. Life Insurance is inexpensive – the experience tag is just a myth!

Do you know you can get yourself a life insurance plan for less than $30 a month if you are in your 30s without any major health problem?

The younger you are, the cheaper it is. Why don’t you get in touch with our advisors to get a no-obligation quote in less than a few seconds?

  1. You have the option to go for Term Life or Whole Life plans

Life Insurance broadly falls into two categories:

Whole life insurance accumulates a cash value while term life doesn’t. At the same time, premiums are higher for whole life insurance in comparison to term life insurance.

Whole life, as the term goes, lasts for your entire life; whereas term life policies last for a certain term period like 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 30 years, and so on.

If you have budget constraints and are young in your 20s or 30s, we would always recommend you to go for a term life plan. After all, you can always choose to convert your term life plan to a whole life plan later on. Talk to our financial advisor to know more.

  1. And finally, your gift of life insurance will be unique

Your gift of life insurance will be unique and we can vouch for it. It is totally unlikely that anyone else will give the same gift as you because not many think of the long-term value of a life insurance plan during Christmas.

So that is more or less it. From the entire team of Trust Life, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! Stay safe and celebrate responsibly.