When Does It Make Sense To Opt For Critical Illness Insurance?

When you are healthy, it is the best time to plan for the unexpected. That is simply because your options become more restricted when the unexpected illness occurs. For the sake of the explanation, let’s say your doctor diagnosed you with a life-threatening disease like Cancer. They say your chances of defeating it are excellent. […]

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How Your Organization Can Stand Out with Optional Critical Illness Insurance

Optional critical illness insurance is an added benefit provided by an employer. Employees who buy coverage pay premiums through payroll deductions. There is no obligation to buy. It comes with 2 major benefits for employees: Competitive rates – Employees can take advantage of their employer’s group buying power. This helps gain insurance coverage at rates […]

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Read This Before You Think Critical Illness Insurance Is Not Worth Your Money

No matter how much you try, you cannot predict the future. The unpredictability of life makes it difficult to predict what is waiting for you around the corner. A Critical Illness Insurance plan can provide you valuable financial support in case you or any one of your family members is diagnosed with a serious illness, […]

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Critical Illness Insurance Case Study

Meet Mathew Mathew* wants the best for his family. Mathew is a 42-year old male, non-smoker. He is married (wife age 39) and has 3 children under the age of 7. He is the sole earner of the family. He has a life insurance policy with his employer. Mathew wants to purchase a critical illness […]

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How much would Critical Illness Insurance cost? [Presentation]

If you get sick – like, really sick – how will you take care of yourself financially? If you aren’t able to work and need money to pay for medical expenses, care, and travel, where will it come from? To prepare for such an event, we recommend the purchase of a critical illness insurance policy. […]

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Things to look at before buying a Critical Illness Insurance Policy

Critical illness is precisely like an unwelcome guest that takes a massive toll on your health as well as your wealth. Kidney failure, cancer, paralysis, heart attack, etc. are some of the primary critical illnesses that can create a significant hole in your pocket. So, how do you prepare yourself for the unknown, especially now, […]

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