Term Life Insurance Vs. Mortgage Insurance – Why Term Life Insurance Is The Better Choice?

Whether it is your first mortgage or renewing an existing one, it is always sensible to have some form of life insurance to ensure your mortgage gets paid off in time, should you or your significant other passes away. As far as your insurance decision is concerned, you typically have two options – Mortgage Insurance […]

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Why choose an individual insurance plan for your mortgage?

As far as mortgage protection is concerned, the default option that comes to mind is to go with the one suggested by the lender. After all, what could be easier than accepting the insurance offered by the same institution financing the purchase of your dream home? But, is it always the best option? Remember, there […]

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Self-owned vs. Bank-owned Mortgage Insurance [Presentation]

If you are thinking of buying insurance from your bank to cover your mortgage, you need to understand the difference between self-owned mortgage insurance and bank-owned insurance. The key differences are ownership, premium, coverage, beneficiaries and portability. Here’s everything you need to know.  Contact our financial advisors to know more about the best mortgage […]

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