Why A Life Insurance Policy Makes The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

/ Life Insurance / Jun 6, 2021

Since 2020, it might seem that the whole world has changed. But there’s one thing that has remained the same: Dads still work hard for their families. Hence, all of them deserve a little appreciation on this special day.

So, how about being a bit creative with your Father’s Day Gift? How about a Term Life Policy? Here’s why our Trust Life advisors think a life insurance policy makes the best Father’s Day gift.

  1. It takes only a few minutes to get the whole job done

Let us talk about the dads we have in our lives. Some dads want to celebrate Father’s Day with their families and friends. Others may want to celebrate the day lying down on the couch sipping on their favorite coffee.

No matter what type your dad is, there’s one thing for certain that they don’t like to spend a lot of time on gifts. With life insurance, the entire process is now online and can be completed in a matter of minutes. Once it is approved, the coverage also starts immediately from the first day itself.

  1. It’s the gift that keeps on giving

There’s another thing that unites dads all over the world: the appreciation for durability. Unlike life insurance, the problem with most gifts is that they do not last. Neckties go out of fashion, shoes get damaged, and so do the trimmer. A life insurance policy, on the other hand, sticks around for decades.

Instead of a gift that lasts a year of two, a life insurance plan goes on for several years (or even lifetime depending on type of policy) as long as the policy premium is paid on time. This makes life insurance a recurring gift when the time comes back around every year.

  1. The best time to get life insurance is now

The price of life insurance increases as you age. So, the best time to get life insurance is always today because that’s the best possible deal you can get.

All dads love a good bargain. You may be able to get yourself an excellent bargain with a life insurance policy. Get in touch with our advisors to know your price.

  1. It is budget-friendly

Life insurance is not expensive in any way. A healthy 35-year old individual can get himself/herself a life insurance policy for less than $22 a month.

  1. It comes with additional benefits

Some life insurance plans come with a rider option that provides additional benefits to the life insurance policy. These riders include the likes of critical illness insurance, disability insurance, and more. Some may even include a no-cost gym membership.

Life Insurance is more affordable than what you think. Let’s talk about life insurance today. Get in touch with our financial advisors. Full electronic application process – zero-obligation consultation.