Why Life Insurance Makes the Best Mother’s Day Gift?

/ Life Insurance / May 1, 2021

Mother’s Day is not too far away. Usually, on this day, you buy her flowers or take her out to dinner. After all, this is the day to be thankful for everything she has done.

While most of these gifts are thoughtful, they may not even last for a month. How about gifting her the ultimate peace of mind? Buy her an affordable life insurance plan that will keep her financial future secured. Read on to know why life insurance can be the best gift you can purchase on this Mother’s Day.

  1. It is fast and easy to get

You can apply for a regular term life plan online, and after approval, the coverage starts almost instantly. It is a very simple process that you can do right from the comfort of your home.

Note: Our suggestion would be to get in touch with an experienced financial advisor first who can determine the right coverage and premium amount based on your budget and needs to give your plan the maximum value for money. The consultation is free and can also be done online – the process would hardly take a few minutes.

  1. It is of practical and immense value

No matter whether she is a working mother or a stay-at-home mom, her contribution to the household is immense. Losing her would result in immense financial strain to the dependents.

Working mothers add to the income enabling the family to reach their financial goals faster. Some working mothers are also the sole providers for their family – their loss can have comparatively more impact.

Even when it comes to a stay-at-home mother, the loss can result in substantial financial strain. Stay-at-home mothers play a major role in looking after the children, the elderly, cooking, etc. In her absence, finding a cook, childcare, or even house cleaning services can have a considerable financial impact, on the family.

A life insurance plan, thus, becomes of immense value.

  1. It is affordable

The best life insurance gift is more affordable than what you think. A healthy 35-year old individual can get a term life plan at less than $24 a month. Talk to our advisors to know your rate.

  1. It can help to ease the financial stress

The loss of a mother can have an adverse effect on the finances of the children. Final expenses like funeral costs, medical bills, etc. can be hard to manage. This is more applicable to single-income households, where covering day-to-day expenses turn out to be very difficult.

A life insurance plan can help to cover these final expenses, thus, easing the financial stress on the family.

  1. Life insurance gives your mother complete peace of mind

In the absence of extra income, the primary expenses that need to be covered are groceries and home. This can easily take precedence over a kid’s education. High school education, thus, becomes a difficult goal to achieve. With a life insurance plan in place, the family doesn’t have to compromise on the child’s educational goals.

The first thing on a mother’s mind is her kid’s education. So, why don’t you gift her complete peace of mind by gifting her a life insurance plan that can help to cover for the kid’s education even in her absence?

Now you can see that life insurance is indeed the best Mother’s Day gift that truly checks all the boxes. The only question that remains after this is that how can you top this gift next year? Well, for that, we really have no answer.