Why January can be the best time for you to purchase Life Insurance

/ Life Insurance / Jan 12, 2021

It’s the new year. A new you. How about a new life insurance policy? Here’s everything you need to know.

With 2020, the dreadful year of the pandemic, behind you, and the great open possibilities of a significantly better 2021 ahead, now is the perfect time for you to pause and consider getting a life insurance policy.

And January can be the best month to get that coveted term life plan for your family. Here’s why.

It is the new year – now is the time!

Here’s the first fact: You will never be younger than what you are now. The second fact is that the younger you are; the more affordable life insurance is.

That is because your health is one of the biggest factors in determining the premium you are going to pay.  With level set premium (like a premium that costs the same every month till the end of the term), you would naturally want to lock in the lowest possible rates.

To sum up, January can easily be the best month to purchase life insurance.

New year – a new you

It almost goes without saying that 2020 was a huge challenge. If you were not the best version of you, well, you were definitely not alone.

But that is OK. Let us not mull over. As 2021 comes in, it brings the promise of a new start where we can make better choice. Whether that involves a strong resolution to improve your financial future or to make better money decisions, a term life policy can play a key role in making those resolutions a reality.

You must always remember that a life insurance policy acts as the foundation of a strong long-term financial plan because it protects your loved ones in case the worst happens to you.

The pandemic year taught us we are not invincible

With 2021, we are feeling a lot more optimistic. There’s a vaccine on the way and with all that happening last year, we feel the only way is up.

But then, you never know. 12 months back it would have seemed absolutely absurd to see our holiday cards adorned with mask-wearing kids next to Santa Clause. But that has happened!

Uncertainty is a part of life. While we look forward to putting the coronavirus pandemic behind u, something equally challenging can always take its place. The point is progress has no guarantee, longevity might also not be around the corner.

The only thing you can do is to prepare for not-so-pleasant realities. This includes getting a proper life insurance plan in place to leave behind a safety net in times of the worst.

Life Insurance is very affordable

Like we said before, the younger you are the more affordable it is. You can get a coverage of $500,000 for only $22 a month – applicable for male, 35, non-smoker.

Get in touch with our life insurance advisors to know your possible options in terms of life insurance coverage and premium. Our life insurance advisors will assess your financial needs, goals, liabilities, etc. and come up with the most affordable plan for you at the highest value for your money.

The consultation is free and without any obligations. There’s still a chance of 2021 being the best year for you.