December can be the best time for you to buy Life Insurance – Here’s why

/ Life Insurance / Dec 8, 2020

December is the month of holidays and presents. It is also a great month to purchase life insurance.

It is the night before the New Year. And you are feeling a lot better and safer, sitting on your arm chair sipping on a glass of wine.

And why is that? Because deep down you know you are heading into 2022 with life insurance crossed off from your to-do list. This has immediately made your life a lot calmer and safer.

Well, if you have not done it already, this is the month to do it. Here’s why December can be the best time to get your life insurance policy.

Life Insurance is the best gift you can give to your family

A term life insurance plan gives financial protection to your loves ones in case something happens to you. Your loved ones will receive a lump sum amount of coverage in case you die before the end of the term.

Life insurance is something you gift your family; something that will protect their financial future even when you are gone. Nothing can be a better gift because getting a life insurance is a way of saying “I love you so much that I have taken the step to protect you even when I am not around.”

Term life insurance is also very affordable. If you are young and in sound health, you may be able to get yourself a coverage below $15 a month – that’s less than a latte!

Life Insurance will give you the peace of mind

You will be able to sleep more peacefully knowing your family is covered in case the worst happens. After 2020, the year of the pandemic, we have found a lot of problems to worry about. So think of life insurance as giving yourself the peace of mind along with long term comfort to your loved ones.

Now, who needs life insurance? Anyone with people depending financially on them should opt for life insurance. For example, if you are married, with kids, and a mortgage, you should opt for a life insurance policy. The younger you are, the better the rates you are going to get.

Put that travel budget to good use – get yourself a life insurance policy

Guess, you are not going to visit your family in a different country this year. Or taking that cruise to Hawaii. Turn lemons into lemonades by putting that budget in a life insurance policy.

Consider this: If your one round-trip ticket costs you $500, for a family of 4 it adds up to $2000. And we are not even considering accommodations, food, and other expenses. Since you are not going on that trip this year, put that money into a life insurance policy – a customized plan made for you and you only you depending on your budget, goals, and liabilities.

Talk to a life insurance advisor for more information at no additional charges or obligations. A small step like this can go a long way.

And finally remember, 2020 has been hard, but life insurance can make 2021 (and beyond) easier and much less stressful

At some point in time, we will move on from this pandemic (we certain hope!). It was not easy, but the only way is up from where we are now.

Thinking about securing the future is a great way to pull through our difficult times. And one thing that you can do this month to make your tomorrow brighter and less stressful is to get yourself a life insurance policy. It hardly takes some minutes to compare a few quotes or get in touch with a life insurance advisor.

The consultation comes absolutely free of any charge with zero obligations. So why not take the step today? Talk to our advisors to know about the best life insurance plans suited to your needs. We have over 30 years of experience providing expert insurance and investment advice to businesses and individuals in Ontario.