Trust Life advisors recommend the 4 best tips to apply for Life Insurance with Breast Cancer Diagnosis

/ Life Insurance / Feb 13, 2022

You may think that it is next to impossible to get life insurance with breast cancer, but this is not always the case.

Many individuals diagnosed with breast cancer qualify for life insurance coverage and probably a lot sooner than what you would expect. Due to the advancements in breast cancer treatment, many life insurance companies have altered their coverage guidelines.

Depending on the stage of the cancer, you may very well get yourself affordable rates as far as a life insurance policy is concerned. Here are a few tips as recommended by our expert advisors at Trust Life to apply for life insurance with breast cancer diagnosis.

  1. Firstly, know the fact that your case is unique

Not every life insurance company will look at you and your diagnosis the same way. Breast cancer is judged on several factors (such as size of the tumour, invasiveness, location, etc.). This is why most life insurance companies handle breast cancer applications on a case-to-case basis.

  1. Do not go at it alone – it can be difficult

At the time of your diagnosis, you had talked to a medical expert who can help you navigate towards your goal of recovery.

Similarly, when getting a life insurance policy is concerned, it is always recommended to talk to an experienced (and independent) life insurance advisor. It is his/her job to find you the best policy for the best price based on your current situation, diagnosis, and needs. And the best thing is talking to a life insurance advisor is free of any cost. So, why go at it alone when you can work with the experts?

  1. Share your medical reports with the advisor

Most insurance companies offer a variety of prices for their life insurance policies. With your medical report, a life insurance advisor can send your case to a number of insurance companies at the same time, asking for a “quick quote” to check which company offers you a plan and at what price.

  1. If you are offered life insurance, get as much coverage as you can afford

If the plan is in your budget, go for a term life policy for the maximum amount offered to you by the life insurance company. And we would suggest you to go for a long term policy (preferably 20 or 30 years). When you have got breast cancer, it can be expensive but it will be worth the investment to protect your loved ones as well as the peace of mind while you are raising a family.

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