Why Should You prioritize Investing in Personal Health Insurance in Mississauga When Working as A Freelancer?

Investing in a personal health insurance plan in Mississauga can play a key role in protecting your finances for now and for the future.

Without additional health coverage, your financial risk increases substantially with medical bills that need to be paid out of the pocket, whether for special medical care resulting from an illness or an accident, daily expenses, and everything in between. of them.

What does a personal health insurance plan do?

The best and affordable personal health insurance plans help you reduce your risk of being burdened with out-of-the-pocket healthcare costs or medical bills due to an illness or accident. Although provincial health insurance plans provide coverage for several health expenses, definite loopholes are there that can have a major impact on your finances. For e.g., depending on your location in Canada, you may need to pay for:

  • Prescription drugs to treat a chronic or serious health problem.
  • Emergency medical services provided as needed while abroad.
  • Physiotherapist costs to promote wellness or help with recovery from an injury.
  • Medical equipment to help you with your mobility.
  • Routine and corrective dental procedures.

Why should you go for a personal health insurance plan on priority?

You should choose a personal health insurance plan if:

  • You have no health insurance from your employer.
  • You are on the verge of losing your group insurance policy.
  • You would like to have additional benefits not offered by your employer’s plan or by health insurance in your province.

Fortunately, you can purchase the best personal health insurance plan tailed to your requirements consulting our experienced financial advisors.

Do you work as a freelancer? Then your unique needs require unique coverage

Being self-employed or working as a freelancer can offer independence, increased job satisfaction and a better work/life balance; what it certainly does not offer is easy access to group health benefits. Therefore, if you are self-employed in Mississauga, Canada, you are responsible for paying for your own health and dental costs which are not covered by public health plans.

It can easily cost you hundreds of dollars a year.

The best and affordable personal health and dental insurance plans in Mississauga offer a range of solutions tailored to the unique needs of self-employed individuals. They are designed to help protect individuals against personal health care costs.

How can we help?

At Trust Life and Investments, we have over 30 years of collective experience providing both businesses and individuals, fully integrated solutions to their insurance, investments, retirement, income replacement, education, estate and tax planning requirements.

We have an enviable network of insurance and investment experts from around the country who constantly search for the best personal health insurance plans attuned to your requirements. We are partnered with Canada’s top insurance companies to bring the most appropriate customized personal health insurance solutions.

We are committed to serving our clients in the best possible manner by creating internal competencies and continually striving to improve customer experiences. We strongly believe in the value of building a long term and mutually beneficial relationship.

So, get in touch with us for any queries you might have related to a personal health insurance plan custom-made to your needs. We would be delighted to help you further.