What Does it Mean to Protect Your family? [Presentation]

Points to note:

  • Life insurance is used to protect your loved ones from the consequences of your death.
  • The financial impacts for your loved ones include funeral expenses, debts and income replacement.

In life insurance, you insure yourself to protect your loved ones. It’s as if by putting on a helmet on your head, your child would be safe if he or she fell off the bike. It sounds illogical and yet it’s not only true but is also very effective!

You probably guessed it, but your life insurance will pay a death benefit when you’re gone. So you’ll never really benefit from it. Instead, your spouse, children, parents or loved ones will be the real people protected by your life insurance. Since they would be the people most affected by your death, they are the ones you really protect by taking a life insurance policy in Toronto, Brampton, Hamilton, and Mississauga.

Here, in this presentation below, let us see what it actually means to protect your family and how life insurance can help.

Let us talk about Life Insurance and its benefits

Life Insurance doesn’t have to be expensive as many people believe. If you are healthy and in your 30s, you may very well get yourself a plan at less than $30/month (Conditions apply).

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