Meet Donna – A Case Study on Affordable Life Insurance for Smokers

/ Life Insurance / Mar 1, 2022

Donna is a: 44-year-old female smoker. Single mother of one. Works on the line at automobile parts manufacturer. Donna wants additional permanent life insurance to complement her group life insurance that would cease to work when she stops working. She tried to quit smoking on a couple of occasions but the challenges of being a […]

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What smokers must know about Life Insurance purchase [Presentation]

/ Life Insurance / Feb 20, 2021

Because life insurance is often an important part of a financial plan, it’s important to understand what to expect if you are a smoker. Cigarette smoking is inherently linked to health issues and other smoking-related diseases. And you don’t have to already have health consequences in order to get stuck with higher life insurance rates […]

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Tips to buy Life Insurance as a smoker [Presentation]

/ Life Insurance / Feb 9, 2021

When you apply for a life insurance policy, you know that you will be evaluated based on your age, lifestyle, and medical conditions. Insurers prefer that their policy holders be healthy, and have a low-risk lifestyle. Medical conditions are usually evaluated on a case by case basis because there are several degrees to a disease, […]

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