Liver Diseases and Life Insurance – Here’s what you need to know

/ Life Insurance / May 3, 2023

If you are diagnosed with liver diseases, you might have thought of what your options are as far as life insurance is concerned.

A person with liver disease may be insured depending on the severity, but not in all instances. Liver diseases are of many different types – as a result, the chances of getting a life insurance plan with the disease varies from person to person.

The symptoms

Life insurance approval with liver disease is heavily dependent on the symptoms exhibited. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Digestion problems
  • Imbalance in blood-sugar level
  • Immunity disorders
  • Fat absorption issues
  • Inefficiency in metabolism

The life insurance company will look into how the liver disease has had an impact on the patient’s life. The company will also look at the possible health issues that may be coming in future, and the possibilities of further complications leading to a more serious disease.

The current level of treatment will also be judged. The company will see if the patient has been seeking little treatment with outstanding results, or has been getting significant amount of treatments over a longer period of time with little to no results.

Medical test: Liver functionality

The insurance underwriter will ask you to take a liver functionality test. The test will detect damage and inflammation to the liver, as well as detecting how well the liver is functioning.

If the test shows instability or rapid decline in the liver’s health, the chances of life insurance approval decreases significantly. In such a situation, control and stability are the key to getting approved for life insurance.

What are the questions to expect from the underwriter?

The underwriters are different in each life insurance company, but most are going to ask you a series of questions similar to these:

  • What was the date of your initial diagnosis?
  • Are you currently on treatment?
  • What types of treatment have you had before?
  • Are you also hepatitis positive?
  • What does your current blood profile look like?
  • What are the results of your Liver Functionality Tests?
  • Have you had any problems with any other organs in relation to the liver?

There will likely be more questions, depending on your particular situation. Any physicians you have been seeing before may also be contacted by the life insurance company to check on your medical history, as well as treatment and medication. All of this information will help the insurer make the best decision regarding the health risk level of yours.

How to get life insurance with liver disease?

You must get in touch with an experienced life insurance broker/advisor.

An experienced life insurance broker/advisor would be able to approach different life insurance companies with your requirements and see which company suits you the best. You will also be getting the highest value for your money based on your condition and budget.

The entire process is going to save you a lot of hassle, time and money. So, get in touch with our advisors today for any life insurance queries you have. The longer you wait, the costlier it’s going to be. Our consultation is free with zero obligation!