How does vaping affect your life insurance rates?

/ Life Insurance / Nov 6, 2021

All life insurance companies calculate their premiums based on an individual’s health status, lifestyle, and plenty other factors. This clearly signify that any activity that can increase the risk of a disease or injury can affect your life insurance premium.

But then, does vaping count as a high risk activity? Let’s see.

Key points to note

  • Vaping is considered to have the same effect as smoking by most life insurance companies in Canada.
  • In some cases, vaping can double the premium of your life insurance plans.
  • If you quit vaping for 12 months at a stretch, you can quality for non-smoking rates.
  • Trust Life can provide you with the best smoking and non-smoking rates in life insurance. We also provide policies to incentivize you in case you plan to quit smoking lately.

Why does vaping increase my life insurance rates?

Although e-cigarettes have been considered safe in comparison to tobacco cigarettes, they have raised quite a few red flags recently.

A 2020 study found out that e-cigarettes might be linked to a 40% increase in the risk of having asthma and a 50% increase in the risk of developing a chronic obstructive lung condition. It has also been found out that using e-cigarettes for cannabis products might have the most adverse effects till date.

The biggest irony is that e-cigarette was initially thought to help traditional smokers quit. However, since they are marketed as products safer than nicotine cigarettes, vapes have encouraged many young people to start consuming nicotine.

So, even if you do not smoke nicotine cigarettes, your insurance company may consider that you are most likely to do so in future if you are vaping regularly.

What do life insurance companies think of vaping?

Because of vaping being considered similar to smoking tobacco products, those who vape frequently are often merged together with the ones who smoke regularly.

This points to the fact that your insurance premium will be dependent heavily on how the life insurance company defines a “smoker.”

If you vape and are looking for a life insurance quote, our advice would be to always go to a licensed life insurance advisor. This is because of the difference in rates in terms of smoker along with the availability of smoker’s incentive plans.

With so many options available, you can easily be overwhelmed. An advisor can help you choose the best plan with the best incentives and discount along with the highest value for your money.


  1. Would vaping affect my insurance premium rates?

Yes, it will.

If you have vaped in the last 12 months, your insurance premium will be affected. Along with that, there will be other factors affecting your premium including the likes of your age, policy type, coverage amount, and current health.

The rule of thumb says that your premium rate will double.

  1. How can I change my smoking rates to non-smoking rates?

If you vape and are classified as a smoker, you can quality for non-smoker’s rate if you do not smoke for 12 months at a stretch.

Got a life insurance requirement? Talk to our advisors for more information.