A Guaranteed Health Plan that Covers Pre-existing Medical Conditions – No Questions Asked

/ Health Insurance / Jun 17, 2022

No questions asked health insurance plan covering pre-existing medical conditions. A Guaranteed Health Insurance plan that is the first of its kind. Are you looking for a comprehensive health insurance plan? Now there’s a Guaranteed Health Plan that covers pre-existing medical conditions – no questions asked. The Guaranteed Issue Health Plan provides basic coverage for […]

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Health Insurance with NO LIMITS on Prescription Drugs and Dental Costs – the first of its kind

/ Health Insurance / Jun 16, 2022

No more limits on prescription drugs and dental costs including a free wellness program. A complete health insurance plan that is the first of its kind. A flexible health insurance plan that allows you to choose the benefits you want to meet your needs and budget without any limits on prescription drugs and dental costs […]

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The importance of Group Health Benefits for your Organization [Presentation]

/ Health Insurance / Jan 24, 2022

The backbone of any high performing business is its employees and their happiness. As long as employees are pleased and satisfied with their work and employer, workplaces will always have a productive environment. The satisfaction of an employee depends on a lot of factors including financial security, varying tasks, career growth, and recognition. A Group […]

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Does Group Health Insurance Improve Employee Retention?

Employee retention is an important part of any organization, be it a small or medium scale company to a giant in the industry. Hiring new employees take a lot of time, money, and resources. In fact, it has been found that it can cost an organization almost 33% of the leaving employee’s salary to get […]

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What To Consider Before Going For Additional Health Insurance In Toronto And Mississauga

While provincial health plans cover most of your basic health care requirements, additional health insurance can help to serve a number of other important requirements like: paying for certain services that are not covered by a regular provincial health insurance plan such as ambulance services, special care, wheelchairs and other medical equipment. supplementing your income […]

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Manulife Vitality Can Get You To Move With An Apple Watch From Just $0*

/ Health Insurance / Oct 28, 2020

When it comes to your health, a little can do a lot. And with an Apple Watch from just $0*, it’s easy for you to live healthy, earn rewards and save money, thanks to the Manulife Vitality plan. Here’s how you can do it. Once you are enrolled in the Manulife Vitality plan, you will […]

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Why Should You prioritize Investing in Personal Health Insurance in Mississauga When Working as A Freelancer?

Investing in a personal health insurance plan in Mississauga can play a key role in protecting your finances for now and for the future. Without additional health coverage, your financial risk increases substantially with medical bills that need to be paid out of the pocket, whether for special medical care resulting from an illness or […]

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Live Healthy, Earn Rewards, and Save Money with the Manulife Vitality Health Insurance

/ Health Insurance / Aug 20, 2020

Manulife Vitality gives you health insurance, along with the opportunity to earn rewards and save on how much you pay – all while improving your health. The program provides a set of personalized weekly goals (that are realistic and achievable as per your fitness level) so you can plan little steps towards a healthier you […]

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