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Why Should You prioritize Investing in Personal Health Insurance in Mississauga When Working as A Freelancer?

Investing in a personal health insurance plan in Mississauga can play a key role in protecting your finances for now and for the future.

Without additional health coverage, your financial risk increases substantially with medical bills that need to be paid out of the pocket, whether for special medical care resulting from an illness or an accident, daily expenses, and everything in between. of them. Read more

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Live Healthy, Earn Rewards, and Save Money with the Manulife Vitality Health Insurance

Manulife Vitality gives you health insurance, along with the opportunity to earn rewards and save on how much you pay – all while improving your health.

The program provides a set of personalized weekly goals (that are realistic and achievable as per your fitness level) so you can plan little steps towards a healthier you – and rewards you along the way.

Here, in this infographic, see for yourself how happy and healthy members really are with the program. Read more