Are Health Insurance Premiums Tax Deductible? [Presentation]

/ Health Insurance / Nov 19, 2022

To fill the gaps in healthcare requirements, most Canadians pay for certain health care services through their employer, a private health insurance plan, or even out-of-pocket. Having this added health insurance provides a safety net during times of illness, injury, or accident. Not to mention, it saves you money when you need new glasses or […]

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Leaving your job? Here’s what you should do with your Health Insurance [Presentation]

/ Health Insurance / Oct 19, 2022

Are you retiring, changing jobs, or striking out on your own? It’s likely that if your job ends, your health coverage ends too. Under most group plans, you’re insured only if you’re employed. But then, you may be able to replace your group benefit with an individual health and dental insurance plan. How? Read our […]

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